Character — Luca Callahan

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Characterization, Worksheets

Some of the Basics First:
Full Name – Luca Callahan
Meaning of Name – man from Lucania
Nickname – Luc
Birth Date – March 6th, 1976
Astrological Sign and Details – Pices
Birth Place – Manchester, England, UK
Age – 37
Nationality – English
Race – White
Hair Color – Blond
Hair Style – Short
Shape and Features of Face – Angular, sharp cheek bones
Glasses or Contacts – contacts
Eye Color – blue
Skin Tone – lightly tan
Scars or Distinguishing Marks – none
Disabilities – none
Build or Body Type – toned and in shape
Height – 6’1″
Weight – 200 lbs
Speech Patterns – smooth, flowing
Tag Words –
Gestures – talks with hands a lot
Weakness – a good beer, food and hanging out with the boys
Special Abilities or Powers – empathic and psychic
Family and Childhood:
Mother – Lorna Callahan (deceased)
Father – Michael Callahan (deceased)
Mother’s Occupation – nurse
Father’s Occupation – lawyer
Family Finances – 200,00+ a year
Birth Order – only child
Brothers – none
Sisters – none
Other Close Family – none
Best Friend – Cayden Cartwright
Other Friends – Loren Chambers, Erin Roberts, Jayden Jennings, James Caine, Cole Matthews
Enemies – none
Pets – black kitten named Zurich
Home Life During Childhood – grew up in a orphanage
Town or City Name(s) – Manchester, England, UK (growing up, until he was 21), San Francisco, California
Schooling – public school in Manchester and …
Favorite Subject – none
Popular or Loner – popular
Important Experiences or Events – death of his parents in a fire when he was three, being abused in the orphanage he grew up in and then moving out on his own when he was 18 and then moving to the US when he was 21.
Health Problems – diabetes
Culture – English
Religion and beliefs – Wiccan
Your Character’s Character:
Bad Habits – trusts to easy
Good Habits – good listener
Best Characteristic – loves deeply, sweet, caring, hard worker
Worst Characteristic – trust issues, he trusts too easy and this causes problems because he ends up trusting the wrong person. So on the other side of the token he has trust issues and is scared to commit because of it.
Worst Memory – being told his parents died, being abused in the orphanage
Best Memory – has yet to come
Proud of – picking up and moving to California to start his life
Embarrassed by – being praised
Temperament – easy going
Attitude – more or less positive but has his pessimistic moments
Fears – losing those he loves
Phobias – clowns and mild agoraphobia
Secrets –
Regrets – that he never got to know his parents
Feels Vulnerable When – people put him on the spot
Pet Peeves – does not like liars
Sexuality – gay
Exercise Routine  – runs daily and exercises
Day or Night Person – night
Introvert or Extrovert – a little of both, not really one or the other
Likes and Styles:
Music – all kinds but he gravitates towards alternative
Books – mysteries
Magazines – doesn’t really read magazines
Foods – Italian, pizza and french fries
Drinks – beer, Pepsi, iced tea
Animals – cats, dogs
Sports – European football
Social Issues – LGBT equality
Favorite Saying – Walking on Sunshine by SKA
Color – blue
Clothing – casual, jeans and a nice tee shirt
Jewelry – rings, necklaces
Games – he likes to play board games
Websites – facebook
TV Shows – Criminal Minds, CSI, Law and Order (all of them)
Movies – likes just about anything and everything
Greatest Want – to have a good job, a boyfriend and a home
Greatest Need – money to live on

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