Character — Marco Olivero Nola

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Characterization, Worksheets

Some of the Basics First:
Full Name — Marco Olivero Nola
Meaning of Name — From the god Mars
Nickname — Marc
Birth Date — May 20th, 1975
Astrological Sign and Details —  Taurus
Birth Place — San Francisco, California
Age — 38
Nationality — Italian
Race — white
Hair Color — brown
Hair Style — short
Glasses or Contacts — contacts
Eye Color — blue
Skin Tone — tan
Scars or Distinguishing Marks — scar on his arm, he was cut by a piece of glass when he was in a car accident as a kid.
Build or Body Type — in shape, muscular but not over done
Height — 6’2″
Weight — 220 lbs
Speech Patterns — medium paced
Weakness — his boyfriend (when he has one)
Special Abilities or Powers — psychic, empathic, can communicate with spirits
Family and Childhood:
Mother — Jada Nola
Father — Phillip Nola
Mother’s Occupation — Nurse
Father’s Occupation — Architect
Family Finances — $200,000+
Birth Order — Marco, Callie
Brothers — none
Sisters — Callie Nola- Carter
Other Close Family — Aunt on father’s side
Best Friend — Cole Matthews
Other Friends — James Caine, Kandi Caine,
Enemies — none
Pets — none
Home Life During Childhood — good, he got along well with his parents and his sister
Town or City Name(s) — Pacific City, California
Details of Town(s) or City(s) —
Any Sports or Clubs — football
Schooling — BFA in Creative Writing from NYU
Popular or Loner — popular
Important Experiences or Events — when he came out to his sister and then later his parents.
Health Problems — none
Religion and beliefs — Wiccan
Your Character’s Character:
Bad Habits — smokes some
Good Habits — He is very clean personally and his apartment is always clean.
Worst Memory — coming out to his friends at school and some of them not accepting him.
Best Memory — how accepting his parents and sister were when he came out. They said they already knew he was gay.
Embarrassed by — too much attention focused on him
Driving Style — He likes to drive fast but is always safe when there are others with him
Temperament — caring, loving, has a temper but takes a bit to get him there
Attitude — a bit of a smart ass
Fears — losing those he loves, being without the basic necessities needed to live
Phobias — snakes
Secrets — none
Regrets — none
Sexuality — gay
Exercise Routine  — works out daily, runs, lifts weights
Day or Night Person — night
Introvert or Extrovert — extrovert
Optimist or Pessimist — optimist
Likes and Styles:
Music — classic rock, alternative rock
Books — whatever he is in the mood for, he likes most everything.
Foods — he likes all foods
Drinks — beer, wine, iced tea, lots of water
Animals — dogs
Sports — football, European football
Social Issues — gay rights
Color — green
Clothing — anything comfortable
Jewelry — necklace and rings
TV Shows — anything with action, NCIS, Psych, Criminal Minds, Highlander the Series
Movies — anything action
Where and How Does Your Character Live Now:
Home — apartment
Household furnishings — nice but nothing fancy
Favorite Possession — his macbook pro
Most Cherished Possession — pictures of his family and friends
Neighborhood — Castro District of San Francisco
Town or City Name — San Francisco, California
Married Before — no
Significant Other Before — Jacob Roberts
Children — none
Relationship with Family — strong
Your Character’s Life Before Your Story:
Past Careers — Bouncer, bartender, waiter
Past Lovers — Jacob Reynolds
Biggest Mistakes — dating Jenner Langly
Biggest Achievements — finishing bar tending school

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