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Jason Alexander Swarofski is the son of Mark and Jennifer Swarofski and at one time thought he was the brother of Sasha Swarofski (more on that later). He is 27 and his birthday is April 3, 1986. He works for a software company in San Fransisco, California but might be getting transferred to Lanai, Hawaii.

He has always gotten along with Sasha. When she was little he always called her, “my Baby Girl,” and even to this day still does. While his parents treated him fairly well they did not treat Sasha well and he was always there for her. And it was not until she was 18 that he discovered that Sasha was adopted and is not blood related to him.  See for as long as he could remember he had been in love with Sasha. He knew there was nothing that could come of it because they were brother and sister but then when he heard that she was adopted and that they were disowning her because she was not doing the things that they wanted her to — he knew that there was a chance that something could come of his feelings — if only she felt the same.

Jason is very easy going and gets along with most people but there are just some people that he does not get along with and he does not allow those people in his life. He is about to cut ties with his parents because of they way they treat Sasha and the fact that if he does make a go on his feelings for Sasha they would never understand.

Now Jason is in the process of getting transferred to Lanai so that he can be closer to Sasha, even if she doesn’t return his affections.





Sasha is the youngest daughter of Jennifer and Mark Swarofski of Los Angles, California. She has one older brother, Jason. The two have always gotten along well and Jason has always been protective of his little sister. Sasha is nine-teen years old, while her brother Jason, is quite a bit older at twenty-nine years old.

Though the two are very much the same in ways, they are very opposite as well. Both are very smart, sharp witted, and can be on the cunning side at times. But Sasha is not a business person (where Jason and their father both have a head for business), and she enjoys excitement and having fun. She likes to hang out with her friends, and go out and party.

Though Jason and Sasha get along she has never gotten along overly well with her parents. Her parents don’t understand her and think that she will never amount to anything, which makes Sasha even more determined to finish school. Her mother, Jennifer, is very selfish and is only out for herself. While her father, Mark, is a business man out to make as much money as humanly possible; he also has a bad habit of never listening to his children (either one of them) when they come to him about something. He brushes them aside in trade for the all mighty dollar.

Recently from a conversation that Jason over heard their parents having he found out that he and Sasha are not actually related at all. Sasha was adopted as a baby and no one ever knew that she was adopted. Some twenty years later the truth comes out and Jason felt it was time for her to know the truth. He took her aside and talked with her about it — and it has forever changed her relationship with him…

Sasha is single, smart and beautiful. She is a student at the University of Hawaii, Lanai. She is studying criminal psychology in hopes of one day being a criminal psychologist (when she decides to settle down enough to do that)…but now she is trying to find out what she has gotten herself into…she is finding herself lost in a world that is not her own.

Some of the Basics First:
Full Name — Sasha Lynn Swarofski
Meaning of Name — Man’s defender
Nickname — Sash
Birth Date — March 6th, 1994
Birth Place –San Francisco, California
Age — 19
Nationality — American
Race — White
Hair Color — Black
Hair Style — Long
Shape and Features of Face — oval face
Glasses or Contacts — neither
Eye Color –brown
Skin Tone — olive
Scars or Distinguishing Marks — none
Disabilities — none
Build or Body Type — athletic and in shape
Height — 5″3′
Weight — 120 lbs
Weakness — candy and sweets
Best friend — Phoebe Brighton
Boyfriend/ Girlfriend — none
Family and Childhood:
Mother — Jennifer Swarofski
Father — Mark Swarofski
Mother’s Occupation — former nurse and now stays home
Father’s Occupation — business man
Family Finances — $300,000+
Birth Order — NA
Brothers — none
Sisters — none
Other Close Family — none
Best Friend — Phoebe Brighton
Pets — gray and white kitten
Home Life During Childhood — full of turmoil, did not get along with her parents but was always close to Jason
Town or City Name(s) — San Francisco, California
What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like — full of posters of her favorite actors, musicians and pagan art
Popular or Loner — popular
Important Experiences or Events — finding out she was adopted
Health Problems — none
Religion and beliefs — Wiccan
Your Character’s Character:
Bad Habits — eating too many sweets
Good Habits — takes really good care of herself
Best Characteristic — sweet, loving and a good friend
Worst Characteristic — when pushed she has a temper
Worst Memory — all the times she was pushed aside by her parents
Best Memory — being told by Jason that she is not blood related
Proud of — Getting accepted to University of Hawaii at Lanai
Embarrassed by — being told she is pretty
Driving Style — she is a safe driver
Temperament — Pretty even tempered for the most part unless pushed then she has a temper
Attitude — positive
Fears — she is afraid of losing Jason
Phobias — fear of heights
Secrets — she is in love with Jason
Regrets — that her parents do not care about she or Jason
Sexuality — bi-sexual
Exercise Routine  — Runs and swims everyday
Day or Night Person — either
Introvert or Extrovert — extrovert
Optimist or Pessimist — optimist
Likes and Styles:
Music — rock
Books — not a big book reader
Foods — Greek
Drinks — Pepsi and anything with Vodka
Animals — All
Sports — swimming
Color — purple and black
Clothing — casual and comfortable
Jewelry — just about anything silver or white gold
TV Shows — True Blood
Movies — There’s No Business Like Show Business
Greatest Want — to be happy and have a life with Jason
Greatest Need — money to live on

Working title:

Genre:  Romance, drama maybe a little scary or???

Tense/POV: third person


Part One

Inciting Incident:

What happens to the protagonist to put her unavoidably in the path of the antagonist?

Internal Initial Conflict (call to action):

What does your protagonist most want? Why can’t she have it? How will she try to get it?

External Initial Conflict (call to action):

What does your protagonist want to accomplish or obtain (physically)? How will she go about it?

Woven-in Backstory, Vital Information:

What happened before the inciting incident that we must know to understand the story?


Part Two

Internal Conflict (obstacles):

Why is your protagonist hesitant to strive for her goals? What (emotionally) makes her falter?

External Conflict (obstacles):

What stands in the way of your protagonist’s goals? What will happen to her if she fails?

Internal Higher Conflict (obstacles heighten):

Why should your protagonist turn back now? Why doesn’t she? What’s at stake?

External Higher Conflict (obstacles heighten):

Who or what is trying to stop your protagonist? Why?

Internal Highest Conflict (obstacles intensify):

What makes your protagonist realize the unavoidable importance of her original goal? What gives it new meaning?

External Highest Conflict (obstacles intensify):

How does the antagonist get the best of your protagonist? What could make it worse? What happens to make her believe that there is no way to win?

Internal Point of No Return (stakes):

What happens to change your protagonist so that she’ll never be the same again?



External Point of No Return (stakes):

What makes it impossible for your protagonist to go back, to give up?



Darkest Hour:

What is the worst possible thing that could happen to your protagonist?

Turning Point:

How does your protagonist realize she must continue to fight? How does she decide to risk everything? What new approach or idea has she come up with to battle on?

Part Three

Internal Climax:

What does your protagonist realize at the crucial moment? What does she learn? Overcome?

ÙÚ (preferably simultaneous) ÙÚ


External Climax:

How does your protagonist defeat your antagonist?

Resolution (external):

What does defeating the antagonist accomplish? How are things different?



Character Growth (internal):

How has your protagonist changed?