Character — Jason Swarofski

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Characterization



Jason Alexander Swarofski is the son of Mark and Jennifer Swarofski and at one time thought he was the brother of Sasha Swarofski (more on that later). He is 27 and his birthday is April 3, 1986. He works for a software company in San Fransisco, California but might be getting transferred to Lanai, Hawaii.

He has always gotten along with Sasha. When she was little he always called her, “my Baby Girl,” and even to this day still does. While his parents treated him fairly well they did not treat Sasha well and he was always there for her. And it was not until she was 18 that he discovered that Sasha was adopted and is not blood related to him.  See for as long as he could remember he had been in love with Sasha. He knew there was nothing that could come of it because they were brother and sister but then when he heard that she was adopted and that they were disowning her because she was not doing the things that they wanted her to — he knew that there was a chance that something could come of his feelings — if only she felt the same.

Jason is very easy going and gets along with most people but there are just some people that he does not get along with and he does not allow those people in his life. He is about to cut ties with his parents because of they way they treat Sasha and the fact that if he does make a go on his feelings for Sasha they would never understand.

Now Jason is in the process of getting transferred to Lanai so that he can be closer to Sasha, even if she doesn’t return his affections.


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