Marcus’ Perspective

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Vignette, Writing

I watched her; she was beautiful, tall and slight in appearance. Her green eyes almost glowed in the moonlight. She was everything I had wanted. She moved around with a languid sway of the hips and her hair flowed down around her. I loved her.


I sent the boys in and they attacked her family. I watched. I grew eager knowing she would soon be mine. I growled as I watched her panic and run in fear. The fear was thick in the air and in a swift movement I was at her side. I grabbed her arm and pulled her in close to me, our bodies pressed to one another in an immortal embrace.


My teeth sank into her porcelain flesh and crimson blood oozed from the wounds. I savored the sweetness of her blood and drank until her heart slowed, before biting my own wrist and allowing her to feed of my own blood. In an instant she chose her fate and drank of my blood and became one of the undead.


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