Characterization: Thomas “Mas” James Franklin

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Character Blog, Characterization


Name: Thomas James Franklin

Nickname: Tom, Tommy (both of which he hates) and Mas (which he likes)

DOB: July 5th, 1984

Birth Sign: Cancer

Age: 29

How old does he appear: 25

Eye color: Blue

Glasses or Contacts: Contacts

Hair color: Brown

Distinguishing Features: his beautiful blue eyes

Hair style: a little on the long side and a little messy (shaggy but very cute on him)

Height: 6″1′

Weight: 210

Body type: athletic & in shape

Nationality: English

Skin tone: lightly tan

Shape of Face: Oval

Is he healthy: Yes

Physical Disabilities:

Physical Abilities: good at most sports but excels at soccer.

Color: red

music: all kinds, depends on his mood

Food: Hungarian, Japanese and Thai


Quote: Look around with the eyes of your imagination at all the possibilities. Be the best of them this very day.” — Ralph Marston

Expletives: Fuck, shit

Smokes: no

Worst Habit: Not trusting people

Hometown: San Diego, California

Lives Currently: Gloucester, Maine

First memory:

Most important memory from childhood: The death of his mother and his unborn sister by the hand of his grandfather who is a serial killer.

Lower education: Jackson Street Elementry

Higher education: University of Oregon

Book smart or street smart: a little of both

Religion: Wiccan

First job: grocery clerk

First kiss: Jordan Abernathy

First sexual experience: Robert Smith

Mother: Skylar Franklin (deceased)

Relationship with her: They were close while she was alive

Father: Michael Franklin

Relationship with father: Not good. Father is very selfish and drinks too much.

Siblings: Unborn sister

Extended family: none that he is close to


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