Characterization: Garrison Gallagher

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Character Blog, Characterization



Name: Garrison Ford Gallagher

DOB: December 21st, 1986

Age: 23

Parents: Douglas Garrison Gallagher and Carla Louise Gallagher

Siblings: Roman James Gallagher, Camden Ryan Gallagher [deceased April 5th, 2010]

Best friend(s): His brother Roman and Camden (RIP), Tate Quinn and Dominic O’Laughlin

Girlfriend: Marit Johanssen

School: Half time student of History


Garrison has been dating Marit for about four years and he is finding that he is caring more and more about her as the days go on. Garrison knows that she is the one he is meant to be with.

Garrison is close to his mother his father on the other hand is an entirely different story — and he could care less about him; just as he seems to care less about he and his brother.

Garrison is also very close to his surviving triplet Roman. The third in the triplets, Camden, was killed during a battle of wills and magick — and he lost. He passed away April 5th, 2010. Both Garrison and Roman are having a hard time dealing with the loss of their brother, and this is where the problems with their father stems from.

Garrison first got a taste of his powers when he turned 12 and he found he liked the new found powers. He was better able to defend himself, and others when needed. When he was 18 he got a little more and when he turned 21 he found out what the full extent of his powers entailed. He was gifted with the power of Heart. With the power of heart he can control everything to do with the heart, physically and emotionally…and depending on how he were to decide to use it it could be good or bad. However, the gift of heart is not a defensive gift and the others are very protective over him, including his brother — however, his girlfriend trusts his judgment and knows he will make the right choices.

Home design by Garrison Gallagher…that includes graphics and backgrounds. Camden Gallagher courtesy of my brother Roman Gallagher.


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