Characterization: Kellye MacNamara

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized


My name is Kellye Jaine MacNamara, I hate my middle name. As for the other facts I was born January 3rd, 1989, so that makes me 22. I have not ascended yet but the women in my family never ascend until they are between 24 and 25 years old. The males on the other hand ascend when they are quite young at the age of 21. But whatever, I just got fated to be born a girl so I have to wait. I do have some powers though. I have power over animals and that can be pretty interesting at times.I have recently broken up with my long time boyfriend Roman Gallagher, or rather he broke up with me. For a long time I hated my life…and I did a lot of things to try and destroy it — and now I find that I am pregnant with Taylor Jacob’s baby….and I am partially responsible for what happened to Camden Gallagher…

Cormick and Kenna O’Laughlin are going to adopt my baby with Cait Quinn being godmother…and I am trying to rebuild my life and relationships with people that I once considered my friends…

I also have younger sister that I was once very close to, her name is Carys. I want to get in touch with her again and try and help her get away from our parents…help her have a life.

I have recently run into someone that I hadn’t expected to see again for a while…and have found that there just might be something between us: Cayden Gallagher. I was in love with Cayden even when I was with Roman but never said anything I hope that we can make a go of this because I want it more than I’ve wanted anything in my life.


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