Characterization: Roman Gallagher

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Character Blog, Characterization

toby-hemingway-116532 R23955

Have you ever heard of a pyromaniac? Do you like to play with fire? *laughs* I get to do it on a daily basis should I choose to do so. I could put any pyro to shame. I have the gift and magickal ability to manipulate fire in anyway I please. When I turned 13 I found out that I not only gained a year on that birthday but I had the gift of fire. For everyone the age is different when you get your first taste of magick…one of my triples got it at 12 and the other at 14…it all depends on you.

The magick in my family is passed on from both sides. This means I have matriarchal magick and patriarchal magick…not everyone’s magick is passed on the same way…it all varies depending on your family and it’s history…and my family is steeped in magickal history.

I am a triplet (born on the winter solstice: December 21st, 1986) and I have two other brothers, Garrison and Camden. However, Camden died a year ago — he was in a battle of wills and magick and he was way over his head against someone who was much older and had ascended and he got cocky…and now he is dead! I hate him so much for dying. I don’t understand it, why did he have to do it? He could have gotten anyone of the rest of us and we would have helped him. Me, Garrison, Tate, Dominic, Meri, Marit, Kellye, Morgandy…any of us! No, instead he had to go off on his own and now he is dead! *Breaks down and cries* Gods, I just miss him so much. I feel like a part of my soul has been ripped from me and I don’t know how to make the pain go away. I just don’t understand why you had to leave Garrison and I?…

I have recently broken up with the woman I had been with since I was 15 and she was 14…there were just so many things that had gone wrong in our relationship — and I was no longer in love with her. I found, however, that I was falling more and more in love with Shae O’Laughlin and on Tate’s birthday I asked her to accompany me to his Ascendancy Ball.


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