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My wife found this on Deviantart and sent it to me and now I am sharing it with you.



I undboutably find this one of the hardest things when creating a new character…this should be of some help.

These 10 Tips for Writing Antagonists will help writers when they are creating this vital role in their novel.

  1. The antagonist is the character who MOST stands in the way of the protagonist achieving the story goal.
  2. He or she is known as the villain but need not be evil.
  3. The antagonist’s goal is in direct conflict with the goal of the protagonist.
  4. It is better if your villain is a person, not a force of nature (earthquake, flood), a group (gang, big company) or a general life condition (poverty, corruption).
  5. The antagonist should be equal in strength to your protagonist in order to fight a good fight.
  6. The best antagonist is someone who already plays a part in your protagonist’s life.
  7. Create a character whose motivation for opposing the protagonist’s story goal is as strong and logical as the hero’s reason for opposing the antagonist’s goal.
  8. The antagonist does not have to work from a negative motivation. If the roles were reversed the villain could become the protagonist.
  9. A great antagonist believes that his motivations are valid and his actions justified.
  10. Never create an antagonist who exists merely to obstruct the lead. You will end up with a shallow stereotypical character.

Seven ways to ensure you give VICs the attention they deserve

  1. Make them powerful enough to make choices.
  2. Make them the centre of attention. Even if they aren’t in a scene, the other characters should talk about them or think about them.
  3. They must make frequent long appearances throughout your book. If they don’t, you may have cast a character incorrectly.
  4. Make their actions and decisions memorable. As VICs, they are responsible for inciting actions or responding to events.
  5. Make the reader empathetic towards them. Your reader does not have to like them, but they need to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing.
  6. Make these characters viewpoint characters. Readers like to see the story through their eyes.
  7. Make sure they are worthy opponents for each other. If you want to create a compelling, memorable protagonist, you need a strong, three-dimensional antagonist. (Read 10 Essential Tips for Creating Antagonists)

If you do this, you will probably find that it’s easier to write your book. You won’t be giving prime time to supporting characters and you’ll be concentrating on the plot, not the sub-plots.

Hello! My name is Carys Hope Grace MacNamara; I am 21 years old. I am the younger sister of Kellye MacNamara, I get along with my sister for the most part but our parents on the other hand not so much.

My best friend is Jonathan Williams…we have known each other forever; since we were five. We have gone to school together and we hang out constantly. Then there is my friend Reagan…we have known each other most of our lives as well; since we were about ten. The three of us our best friends and we are always together in school and out.




I am one of the Gallagher triplets, I was the last born…the birth order is, Garrison, Roman and then me; Camden Ryan Gallagher.I have not yet ascended but I am not worried. I have powers and I know how to use them and I have others who will watch my back. I have power over all things spirit…

I have a sweet disposition most of the time but I am stubborn and headstrong. I like to do things my way — but the one time I didn’t listen to my friends, to one of my best friends, Dominic O’Laughlin, I and everyone I love paid the price. I hope that one day I will be able to come back to them…tell them the truth…but for now they live with the fact that they think I died that day…they grieve for me and I grieve for them…

There are more things, there are so many more things that I have learned but I just can’t say them all yet. I have learned who I am meant to be with, though I have known that for a long time. I just couldn’t…I knew he was bi, but I just couldn’t tell him I didn’t know how he would react. Then I discovered the prophecy days before my ‘death’ and I tried to tell him several times but we got into a fight instead…and that was the last time I saw him. Now all I have are my dreams and my nightmares.




Name: Garrison Ford Gallagher

DOB: December 21st, 1986

Age: 23

Parents: Douglas Garrison Gallagher and Carla Louise Gallagher

Siblings: Roman James Gallagher, Camden Ryan Gallagher [deceased April 5th, 2010]

Best friend(s): His brother Roman and Camden (RIP), Tate Quinn and Dominic O’Laughlin

Girlfriend: Marit Johanssen

School: Half time student of History


Garrison has been dating Marit for about four years and he is finding that he is caring more and more about her as the days go on. Garrison knows that she is the one he is meant to be with.

Garrison is close to his mother his father on the other hand is an entirely different story — and he could care less about him; just as he seems to care less about he and his brother.

Garrison is also very close to his surviving triplet Roman. The third in the triplets, Camden, was killed during a battle of wills and magick — and he lost. He passed away April 5th, 2010. Both Garrison and Roman are having a hard time dealing with the loss of their brother, and this is where the problems with their father stems from.

Garrison first got a taste of his powers when he turned 12 and he found he liked the new found powers. He was better able to defend himself, and others when needed. When he was 18 he got a little more and when he turned 21 he found out what the full extent of his powers entailed. He was gifted with the power of Heart. With the power of heart he can control everything to do with the heart, physically and emotionally…and depending on how he were to decide to use it it could be good or bad. However, the gift of heart is not a defensive gift and the others are very protective over him, including his brother — however, his girlfriend trusts his judgment and knows he will make the right choices.

Home design by Garrison Gallagher…that includes graphics and backgrounds. Camden Gallagher courtesy of my brother Roman Gallagher.