Ravenwood (Story)




By: E.A. Addams

Rated: R

Main Characters: Maylee Walker, Lumen Jade Hastings, Vaughn Rhodes

Additional Characters: Trent Walker, Jeremy Walker, Hennessy Walker, Grandma Miller


Ten years earlier:

Maylee slumped and slid down the counter and onto the floor as she heard his last words. “I love you Maylee, tell the boys to be strong and brave…” the line went silent and the tears fell and she knew her husband, the love of her life, was gone from her forever.

Hennessy had been her high school sweetheart and they had built a life together; a good one at that. He was a lawyer, a top criminal lawyer and Maylee was writer. The couple also had two children, Jeremy 8 and Trent 6, the boys didn’t understand what had happened when Daddy’s plane went down but they did their best to be brave like their father had asked; but it was hard they just wanted him back. They all wanted him back.

At night when the boys were tucked into their beds and sound asleep Maylee would play Hennessy’s last words over and over in her mind; and she would lay in their bed and cry. Sometimes she even played their song Here and Now by Luther Vandross, she cried all the more; she didn’t know why she tortured her self so. The CD would play the song over and over again on repeat until May had finally turned it off or she had cried herself to sleep. She missed him so much and part of her was angry that he had left her…left her alone to raise their boys with no real profession of her own, being a writer was not going to be enough…not unless she suddenly made it big…and the chances of that were slim; no one wanted her books.

The years passed and some things got easier while others stayed the same. Maylee never got over the loss and at times could barely function. Her writing did take off and she got a book deal for a series of six paranormal romance books. The boys: Jeremy started adjusting about six months after his father’s passing but Trent, like his mother, was having a harder time. He was acting out in school and getting into trouble all the time — to the point where Maylee was about to send the boys to live with her mother for a while; but she hung on the best she could. She loved her boys, they were here life now and she didn’t know what she would do with out them. They were all she had left of Hennessy.




Chapter 1:



Chapter 1: Ten Years Later

Maylee was now 35 and her boys were 18 and 16. They were good boys but, Trent was still in and out of trouble and Maylee was at her wits end with what to do with him. Jeremy was the one who got straight A’s in school and behaved himself and was even getting ready to go Harvard Law; just like her father. Maylee sighed at the thought that her oldest son was following in his father’s foot steps; yet at the same time it made her so proud.

“Boys you are going to stay with Grandma for a while.” her words were met with protest especially by her oldest, Jeremy who was 18.

“I can take care of myself.” He jerked his head at Trent, “send him to Grandma, he’s the one who is always in trouble anyway.”

“Fuck you!” Trent yelled at his brother and Jeremy spun on his heels and glared at his brother. “I…” he didn’t know what to say, he knew it was true that he was always in trouble for something; but, no one knew half of the things that he did that he never got caught doing.

“BOYS! Stop! You are both going and that is final…we are leaving tonight.” She looked at them and the looks on both of their faces hurt her deeply but she wasn’t going to say that to them. She has had to be strong for the last ten years to make sure that they got through; she just set aside her own pain. What was another day or so of setting aside her own pain?

“What about the dogs?” Jeremy asked. “Grandma is not going to keep them.”

“I’m taking them with me.” Maylee replied softly as the two Whippets, Tinker Bell and Jazmine trotted into the kitchen. Without thinking May’s hand dropped down and rested on their heads and scratched their ears. The two dogs had been puppies when Hennessy had died they had been an anniversary present from him and the boys the year that he died. It made it that much harder knowing they were getting older and…she didn’t know if she could bear losing them too.

Tears started in May’s eyes and when she noticed that the boys had seen she turned away and said, “get your things together we are leaving soon. Aunt Lumen will be there…she is going to go with me for a bit on my trip.” The boy’s eyes lit up at hearing their aunt would be there but, hearing that she wouldn’t be staying made the new found light diminish just as quickly as it come into their eyes.

“Where are you going?” Jeremy asked softly as his hand fell on his mother’s shoulder; she jumped slightly, lost in her own thoughts. May turned and looked at her son, he had grown into a handsome young man, he looked just like his father while Trent looked like her.

She reached out and touched his face and gave him a small smile. “I don’t know yet. But I’ll have my phone and you can call me anytime.” Jeremy nodded and leaned in kissing his mother’s cheek and then walked away to get his things together. The truth was she didn’t know where she was going but she felt a pull to the east of where she was and she needed to figure out what it was that was pulling her there.

The tears that Maylee had been holding back spilled forth and she pulled a chair from the kitchen table and slumped into it just as her legs were about to give out from under her; both dogs putting their heads in her lap and nudging her hand. “Oh, girls, why can’t anything ever go the way it’s supposed to?” They both nudged her hand and even she knew what she had said was wrong…things always go the way they are supposed to. What she didn’t understand was why Hennessy had to be taken from her?


“Grandma!” Trent called to his grandmother as May pulled up in her black BMW convertible.

“Sit down Trent or you are going to get hurt!” Gemma Hastings called to her grandson. Jeremy elbowed Trent and laughed.

“Already in trouble with Grandma.”

“Boys! I want you two to be good. I give Grandma full privileges to kick your asses if needed.” She half growled softly in that mother bear sort of way and then laughed. “Really you two need to be good. Please, for me.” She looked from Jeremy to Trent who was sitting in the back seat.

“What? Why does everyone look at me?” At this even Jeremy turned around and looked at his brother.

“Do I have to dignify that with an answer?” Jeremy asked.

“Fuck you.”

“Trent!” May growled at him. “You two get out and get your things and take them up to your room I need to talk to Grandma and Aunt Lumen. The boys hugged their grandmother and their aunt and headed to the upstairs of the old farm house.

“Mom.” May smiled and hugged her mother. “Thank you for taking the boys. I…I really need to get away for a while.” Lumen walked over and slipped her arm around the duo. “Hey, Lum. Ready to hit the open road and have some wild and fun times?” May laughed and gave her sister a smile.

Lumen giggled, “Of course I am. I’ve always been up for a wild time.”

“Girls.” Their mother said modestly. “Come in side for a few minutes before you leave. Have a drink and say good bye to the boys.” Both women nodded and went inside.





Chapter 2:



Two hours, dinner, a drink and some conversation later May and Lumen were on their way.

“So where are you headed?” Lumen asked her sister as she stared out the window at the darkening sky.

“I don’t know. Somewhere…somewhere that isn’t here. I just need to get away, Lum. I just…I can’t handle it anymore. I need to get away. I need to finally let go of what happened the boys are not going to fully heal unless I do and all I’ve been doing is worrying about them. I just want some place quiet, somewhere I can stay in a bed and breakfast, sleep until noon and cry if I need to. Remember Hennessy and learn to move on, but not forget what we had. Some place I can find solace.”

Her sister nodded her head,she might not have been through what she had but she understood; after all Hennessy was her brother-in-law. “Well I hear that there is this small little town between Santa Cruz and Big Sur, east of the coast, there is this small wooded area.” Wooded with trees that are not palms or eucalyptus trees. They were poplars, maples and aspen trees. There were small farms, horses, dogs, and that small town atmosphere that Maylee was looking for. “The town is called Ravenwood. I’m not exactly sure where it is but I am sure we can find it on a map.”

Maylee nodded her head. “That sounds nice. I would think a place like that would be bound to have a B&B.” May grinned.

“Well there you go.” Lumen laughed at her sister. “So, what brought on this sudden…” she wasn’t sure how to say this without upsetting her sister. “This sudden desire to confront what happened?”

Glancing at her sister out of the corner of her eye. “I know that I need to deal with this in order to move on. If I don’t move on I’m never going to be truly happy again. I loved Hennessy so much. He and the boys were my life and then…” she stopped talking when a lump formed in her throat.

“When he was taken from you?” Lumen finished for her. Maylee nodded. “It makes sense and I understand. So, what do you want me here for?”

“Support.” May replied flatly. Maylee and Lumen had always been close even though they were a few years apart, Lumen being older. “You don’t have to stay the whole time, and I honestly don’t know how long I am going to be here. But I have to work out my ghosts and demons before I can come home.”

“I understand, really I do. You don’t have to convince me May. Just remember you have family back home too. Don’t forget about your boys, they need their mother too; even if they are almost grown now.”

Maylee didn’t say anything, what was there to say after all? “Turn here.” Lumen pointed to a road and May made a left hand turn, “this should take us right into Ravenwood.” she said. “Should be about a forty-five minute drive.

The two sisters were quiet on the drive into Ravenwood both contemplating different aspects of what had happened and what was happening now. The two women had completely different experiences with Hennessy’s death, but it had been hard on the whole family; everyone had liked him.

“We must be getting close.” Lumen smiled, as she caught sight of the change in speed; then they saw the ‘Welcome to Ravenwood’ sign. “Looks like we found it.” The two women looked around, “it looks beautiful. I could be happy here.”

“No, it’s mine.” May playfully nudged her sister.

Lumen laughed and then yelled, “watch out May!” May looked up and slammed on her breaks stopping short of hitting a very sexy man. And the fact that she thought he was sexy was saying something. He was the first person that she had found to be remotely interesting in the opposite sex since Hennessy’s death.

A small smile formed on her face as she looked at him. He was tall tan, dark hair, dark chocolate brown eyes and he looked like a cowboy crossed with a surfer. Maylee shrugged to herself and smiled at him. All the while Lumen was watching the interaction between the two.

“Oh, you think he’s hot don’t you?”

“Lumen Jade Hastings, I do not! I don’t even know the man.” And even though her words said one thing her voice and the slow smile betrayed her and proved her sister had been right.





Chapter 3:


May just looked at her sister, “really Lumen I don’t know him.”

“Your point is what?”


“You think he’s hot,” Lumen looked at the man again and he was indeed sexy.

Maylee stopped the car, “I’m sorry my sister distracted me.” Lumen made to protest but opted not to.


“My name is Vaughn Rhodes.” The man smiled and extended his hand to May.


“Nice to meet you,” Lumen said when her sister stalled. “I’m Lumen and this is my very single sister Maylee.” She smiled at Vaughn.


“Lumen!” May almost yelled at her sister. Vaughn grinned and laughed.

“It’s nice to meet you both.” Are you going to be staying here in Ravenwood?”


“Yes,” May finally said. “I just needed to get away for a while. Maybe find a new start in life.”


Vaughn studied May for a long moment and then smiled slowly, “well good luck.”


“Thank you.” May smiled and drove off headed for the bed and breakfast. She looked at her sister, “You’ know you’re a real bitch, Lumen.” She said and left it at that.


Maylee collapsed on the bed and both dogs nudged her hand. “You girls need to go for a walk?” Both dogs stood on the bed and began jumping around. “Alright, alright.” She smiled and grabbed their leashes and a sweater. She walked out, the dogs in tow. Stepping down the front steps of the bed and breakfast she almost ran into someone – “oh, sorry.” She said and looked up, “oh, hell.” She breathed.


“Well that is not the greeting I’m used to.” Vaughn grinned.


Blushing May looked at Vaughn, “Sorry. I just was taking the girls for a walk.”


“Do you want some company?”


“Uh, yeah, sure.” May wasn’t sure she did but at the same time he seemed genuinely nice and she wouldn’t mind the company.


The two walked in silence while the dogs wandered around; it wasn’t an awkward silence but a comfortable one, something Maylee didn’t expect.


“Your dogs are beautiful.” Vaughn said finally breaking the silence between them.


“Thank you they were a gift from my boys and their father.” She replied, knowing this was going to open herself up to a lot of potential questions. She just waited.


“Not to pry but are you married?”


“Widowed.” She said flatly. “He died on 9/11.”


“I’m sorry.” Maylee shrugged not that she wasn’t dismissing Hennessy’s death but there was nothing she could do. Vaughn could just make out the look on her face and he let the subject drop.


“It’s fine.” Was all she said. There was silence again between the two, when May started talking again; and it surprised her, what she said. “His name was Hennessy and the boys had been six and eight when he died. They are sixteen and eighteen now. They are good boys but they miss their dad. I miss their dad; but I’m ready to move on after ten years – and I hope it will help the boys; Trent, my youngest, has the hardest time with all of this.” She gave Vaughn a side long glance and felt a small tingle down low in a place she hadn’t felt anything in too long. May’s face burned with heat and she could swear her face was glowing.


“I can’t imagine what that must have been like. “ Vaughn softly replied and reached for her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze; her heart fluttered when he let go. More than anything she wanted his hand back in hers but she refrained.


“Well I had better go in.” She said as she stood on the first step of the bed and breakfast.
He smiled softly and wished her a good night. Maylee smiled brightly and slowly turned and walked inside the dogs following along behind her.


Finding her room she unlocked the door and stepped inside and she no more than shut the door when there was a knock. Her heart skipped a beat and she pulled the door open hoping to see Vaughn. Instead she found her sister; she frowned ever so slightly.


“Well don’ look so crestfallen. What were you hoping for the hottie you were walking with?? What’s his name?” Lumen asked.


“Vaughn.” May replied slightly annoyed with her sister. “He’s nice and he was outside and asked if he could walk with me. And I thought you wanted me to find someone anyway?”


Lumen didn’t say anything for a moment. “Just be careful.”


Nodding May started getting ready for bed. “Good night Lum. I will see you in the morning.”


“Good night, Baby Sis.” She smiled as she opened the door and stepped out. “I still think you went out to find him.” Lumen dodged and closed the door as a pillow came flying at her from across the room. Maylee just shook her head.



Chapter 4:


Maylee slept until noon and when she woke the dogs were nudging her hand and someone was banging on her door.

“Just a minute.” She called as she pulled on some clothes, “coming.” Walking to the door she pulled it open to find Vaughn standing there. “Oh, god!” She said as she ran her hand through her long hair. “I…I wasn’t expecting you.”


“Obviously,” he grinned. “Would you like to get something to eat?” He finally asked?


“I need to walk the dogs,” she protested, and thoughts of what her sister had said as she was leaving the night before made May blush deeply.


“Oh, come on. We can walk the dogs then we can get something to eat.”
“I need a shower.” She protested again.

“I’ll walk the dogs for you. You get a shower and I’ll be back in fifteen. Now that that is settled no arguing. Off with you, get your shower.” He said shooing her off and picking up the dog’s leashes and hooking them to their collars.


She didn’t want to think about Vaughn as she showered but he crept into her thoughts and she could almost feel his hand in hers again. Her body tingled as she thought about the man she had nearly hit with her car and her hands moved over her body. May’s hands moved over sensitive places until they stopped in the most sensitive of places. A soft moan escaped her lips as her fingers deftly worked their magic on her body. Leaning against the shower door she imagined Vaughn was with her in the shower, kissing her neck, letting his own hands find sensitive spots on her body. She felt her legs start to shake and another moan escaped from between her lips. Her head fell back as she found her body pulsing with the rapture of her orgasm.


Fifteen minutes passed and true to his word there was a knock on the door and when Maylee pulled the door open Vaughn was standing there on the other side. She smiled. “Come in.”


Vaughn walked into the room with the dogs and let them off their leashes. He pets their heads and then the dogs went to lay down. “You ready?” She nodded and the two headed out to eat.


Walking silently Vaughn led the way to a local restaurant that served the best comfort food in the area. Holding the door open for May the two walked inside and they were seated. Still in silence May looked over her menu and decided to order the lobster mac and cheese. She had never had lobster but her sister was always telling her how wonderful it was, so she thought she would try it.


When she set her menu down she noticed that Vaughn was watching her and she blushed a deep crimson. Her body tingled again and she gasped slightly.


“Are you alright?”


A giggle emitted from her lips and she nodded her head; face still deep crimson red. “What are you going to have?” She asked taking the attention off of her.


“Biscuits and gravy.” He said and smiled at her. “You?”


“The lobster Mac and Cheese. I’ve never had lobster but my sister says it is really good.”


“It is.”

May smiled and could not help but let her mind wander to her shower and what it would be like to really shower with him – to feel his hands roving her body as he made love to her.
“What are you thinking about?” Vaughn asked seeing the blush on her face.

She started to speak when the waitress arrived saving her just in time. The waitress took their orders and again hurried off and Vaughn was still watching her.




“I just wonder what you are so deep in thought about? What ever it is it is making you blush.”

Once again her face felt like it was on fire as she looked away from Vaughn. “I wasn’t thinking of anything, really.”


Time passed and their food arrived and both ate in silence for a few minutes before Vaughn broke in.


“So, what do you do for a living?”
“I’m a writer. Not as successful as I had hoped to be by now but doing okay. I at least make ends meet. What about you what do you do?”


“I’m a handy man. I do pretty well and I am always busy around here. I also help at the Inn since my parents own it.”


Maylee nodded. “Well at least you’re busy.”


“Yes, I hate being bored.”


“Me too. But with my two boys, the dogs and my writing I am very rarely bored.” She smiled.


“Tell me about your boys.”


They are both good boys. Trent is my straight A student and the one who never gets into trouble. He is eighteen and will be attending Oregon State next fall. And Jeremy is the one who is always in trouble and getting bad grades. He did okay when he was in grade school but when he hit puberty and there was no man there for him – Hennessy was gone and nothing was bringing him back and Jeremy just didn’t do well with it once he hit about twelve.”


“Understandable. That is a hard age and I don’t know what I would have done without my father.”


The rest of the meal was spent talking and laughing over their food and a couple of cold beers.




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