You – Julian and Mas (Story) [Finished]


You – The Julian and Mas Story

By: Jonathan Harper

Rated: NC – 17

Main Characters: Julian Carstars, Mas Franklin

Additional Characters: Thomas Franklin (the elder), Michael Franklin

Dedication and Thank you:


To my dear friend Gipsy Keket, thank you for the wonderful names you came up with and for your always being there for me, and; being a creative inspiration to me always. You are a great friend and inspiration. I love ya girl!



Chapter 1 — You

It was a Sunday morning and it had begun to rain when I heard these words: “You,” he said, “are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain.” Julian said as he quoted the book, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls by Emilie Autumn.

I just looked at him not knowing what to say. How does he know anything about me we only just met; yet, he did seem to know me. That being the case he probably knew that I wanted to rip his clothes off and have my way with him right there. I just need to keep my cool and not let it show. How do I do that, I was never good at hiding myself from people; I wear my heart on my sleeve and everyone seems to know what I am feeling before I do.

“I’m sorry, I did not mean to analyze you. It is just a hazard of being a psych major.” He laughed sweetly.

My breath caught and I smiled up at him. I shrugged and he held a hand out to me. I shook it and felt a chill run through my body. His skin was soft like he had known little work but I liked the way his hand felt in mine. “My name is,” I hesitated because I hated my name and all the variations that went with it. “My name is Mas.” He gave me a questioning look and I went on to explain. “My name is Thomas. I hate my name and all variations of it. I was also named after a man I despise.”

“Ah, I understand.” He said his voice soft and smooth. “It really is nice to meet you Mas.”  He smiled, it was bright and happy and I could not help but smile back at him. “Would you like to have lunch?”

What was I supposed to say, no and be rude? If I said yes I seemed eager and easy. What the hell was I supposed to do? “Sure I’ll go.” I smiled and he smiled back at me. Goddess help me I am easy.

“Great. How about The Chowder House down by the bay?”

I nodded my head afraid to speak to him, afraid he would know more about me in the few words I spoke than I even knew about myself. It was scary to have someone see into you like they were living your life. I shivered at the thought and we began walking towards the small intimate restaurant.

We were seated and I was looking out at the bay when his voice broke into my thoughts.

“Would you like some wine?”

“Sure, thank you.”

“Does white work for you? Or would you like something else?”

“White is fine.”

The waitress arrived and Julian ordered the wine and some appetizers for them. I just watched as Julian interacted with the waitress. He was indeed sexy and I found myself thinking that he was probably an animal in bed and I felt my body react. “Fuck!”  I thought and sipped at my lemon water. I didn’t need water I needed a cold fucking shower.

“So tell me about yourself.”

The inevitable question, I hated talking about myself. I smiled and pretended. “I was named after my grandfather who is a murdering prick. He murdered 5 girls in his life time and…” I paused.

“Wow. Why were you named after him then?”

“So that maybe I would not turn out like him, well that is what I’ve always been told. It makes no sense to me but whatever. My mother is dead and my father is never around. He is a very selfish man that only thinks about himself. He drinks way too much and I moved out as soon as I was old enough.”

He just nodded his head. He was analyzing me again and I hated that but that was the hazards of being a psych major I guessed. “How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?”

“29.” I replied my voice more even and calm now. I hate talking about my grandfather and my father.

“Do you have any siblings?”

“No.” Was all I said and left it at that, I knew he could tell I was not being totally truthful with him but I didn’t care at the moment. I didn’t have any living siblings so I wasn’t exactly lying but I wasn’t exactly telling the truth either.

“Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend or…” he paused seeing the blush creep into my face.

“No, I am painfully single.” I said and the blush in my face grew deeper. “I would love to find that right person but I am starting to wonder if that is ever going to happen.”

“What are you looking for?”

“You” I thought to myself. “I don’t know, someone sweet, kind, and someone who loves me for me. It tends to turn people off to find out my Grandfather was a serial killer.” There was no change of expression on Julian’s face when I confessed that my Grandfather was a serial killer. I mean I had said that he had killed 5 people but I never said more than that. Still he did not flinch. “Hmm, I wonder what he is thinking?”

“I’m not turned off…” Julian replied and reached for my hand.

My heart jumped and my mouth went dry, I didn’t know what to say. I bit my lip and wanted to take his hand into mine. “I…I just want you to know that I…”

“You like men, I know.”

I laughed to myself and a big part of me relaxed and I felt his hand press down onto my hand and I turned my hand over in his hand and he traced a finger down the palm of my hand.

The waitress came with the wine and took our orders but we hardly noticed that she was there we were so wrapped up in each other after that moment.

“I don’t think I am very hungry.” I confessed.

Julian smiled, “I know how you feel. Would you like to get our food to go?” I nodded my head and when the waitress walked by Julian flagged her down and asked to have our orders to go. She did not look happy but I didn’t care. Julian threw some money down on the table and then handed the waitress a very large tip and a smile returned to her face and a few minutes later she returned with our food bagged and ready to go.

“Are you ready?” Julian asked. I nodded and flowed him out of the restaurant hand in hand.


We walked back to Julian’s apartment and went inside. We entered and he shut the door and stared into my eyes for a long moment before pushing me up against the door and kissing me. He didn’t ask and I didn’t care I returned the kiss and wrapped my arms around him. My breath began coming in sharp intakes of breath and I dropped my head back as he kissed my neck. “Julian…” I moaned softly. “Please don’t stop…” I begged and he let his hands wander my body.

Clothes were torn off and tossed to the floor. I wanted to touch him but I was afraid that if I did he would disappear into thin air; but my desire won out and I reached out and traced a finger down his smooth chest. “Take me to bed.” I whispered and followed as he led the way into the bedroom, pulling me back into his arms as he laid me down on the bed and began caressing my skin. His hands were indeed soft and I loved the way they felt against me.

Covering me with his body he reached for the nightstand and took out a condom and lube. I smiled but did not speak. I knew he was asking permission by the look in his eyes and I just wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and pulled him in kissing him deeply passionately. “Fuck me,” I finally whispered as I took the condom from him and tore the foil wrapper open and reached between us and rolled it down over his hard cock.

I was so overwhelmed with anticipation that I could hardly breath and my breaths came in the form of a shallow pant. I needed Julian; I need to feel him inside of me. With an easy push I felt him slide inside of me and I moaned. With ease his body moved in a steady needful motion and I wrapped my legs around his waist. “Oh, goddess, this man is making me feel so good.”  I thought and moaned again as I felt my cock throbbing against him.

I reached between us and stroked my cock I needed to feel more. “Oh, goddess!” I growled in his ear and he thrust harder and deeper into me. “You are making me feel so good.”

With a quick roll Julian had me on top of him. I repositioned myself and began riding him hard and fast trying to fill the need that had been growing since I met him in the park. I was so close. I cried out his name and my head fell back as I came hard. My body shuddered and shook with pleasure. Tears welled in my eyes and I didn’t know why but the intensity of my orgasm blew my mind; I had felt nothing like it before.

I felt Julian’s body tense and he gripped my hips as he pushed up hard into me and came. He looked into my eyes and smiled at me and I came again. I collapsed against him and began kissing his neck then moving to his lips. “Mmm, I love this. I could get used to this…but if this is just a one time thing I understand.”

“Do you want it to be more than a one time thing?” Julian asked.

I didn’t need to think about it but I stopped and pretended to think for a minute and then said, “I think I would like that. I could really fall for you if given half a chance.” I said and began kissing him again.

“I could fall for you too.” Julian smiled up at me before laying me down on the bed and slipping off to get cleaned up. He brought back a washcloth and cleaned me up and we lay in bed talking. “Hold me until I fall asleep?”

“I can do that.” He nodded and kissed the top of my head and pulled me tight against his body.



Chapter 2 — Three Weeks with You

It had been three weeks since I met Julian and I have spent most of my time with him. I was falling in love but I was not prepared to mention that to him, at least not just yet. I smiled at the thought of truly being in love with someone. It was a nice feeling and something I really could get used to.

Julian was at work and I was lying in the bed we have been sharing for the past three weeks; and I could feel my body coming to life as I thought about him. My hand moved down across my washboard abs and to my hard cock. And I imagined his hand was on me, stroking me as I lay there. I moaned and pushed into my hand. “Oh, Goddess that feels so good.” I whispered and wished that Julian were there. However, the moment I was truly getting into it my phone rang. I hoped it was Julian and I reached for my phone but was disappointed to find that it was my father on the line.

I sighed and answered the phone. My father didn’t call often and so I figured I should have my obligatory monthly conversation with him. “Hello.”

“Tommy it’s your father.”

“I know Dad. I have caller ID on my phone. What’s up?” I sighed inwardly I hated being called Tommy it’s what everyone called my grandfather and I wanted nothing to do with that man or anything that related to him, that included my name.

“Where have you been? You haven’t been to see me in a long time.”

“Dad I came to see you last week.”

“Was it last week?” Michael Franklin asked. I sighed and nodded even though my father could not see. “I know you don’t like having a father in the nut house but I miss you.”

“Dad you don’t miss me. You never paid attention to me after Mom died…”I stopped myself not wanting to get into it. “I’ve been busy. I’m sorry I will come see you soon. I promise.”

“What have you been doing with yourself?”

“I have been working with Jamie’s Dad on his software company. I have been doing the web work for him.”

“Really that is great. I am proud of you Son.”

“I’ve also met someone.” I said but instantly regretted letting the sentence slip from my lips.

“A girl?” My father asked.  When I sighed he said, “You just aren’t going to give up on the boys are you?” Michael asked sounding slightly agitated.

“Can’t you just be happy for me, Dad?”

“Does he treat you well?”

“Yes, Dad he does.” I said. “His name is Julian.” My father grunted on the other end of the phone and I said, “look I have to run some errands, Dad. I really need to get going.”

“Well you could come see your old man you know.”

With that I hung up the phone. The mood was gone and I crawled out of bed and made my way to the shower. Once showered and dressed I left the flat and headed to town to do some grocery shopping.


I arrived at the graphic design company that Julian worked at and went inside. I asked to see Julian and was shown to his office. When I got to the office I pushed the office door open and walked inside and then shut the door and leaned up against it. I smiled and said, “I’m horny.”

Julian looked up and smiled, “really? And just what did you have in mind?”

I growled and walked forward. “Oh, I don’t know maybe taking you right here on your desk.” Julian shivered and stood up and pulled me into his arms. “Would you like that?” I asked.

“I would.” Julian nodded and began unbuttoning my shirt. His hands moved deftly across my smooth chest and abs.

“I need you.” I growled as I put both hands on Julian’s face and pulled him in kissing him deeply. “Oh, goddess how I need you.” I breathed against his ear.

My hands shook with my need to feel Julian and I dropped down to my knees and unbuckled his belt and I tugged at the button and pulled the zipper down on his jeans and began massaging Julian’s hard cock. Julian moaned and my cock throbbed and I felt confined by my own jeans and wanted them off. Instead I took Julian into my mouth and began bobbing my head taking him all the way into my mouth with each stroke.

Julian moaned and his head fell back and he braced himself on his desk. I looked up and my heart fluttered seeing the loving look on Julian’s face. I knew I was bringing him pleasure and I wanted to give him more. I bobbed my head faster and moved my free hand to his balls and began massaging them until I felt his body tense and he pushed deep into my mouth as he came. I lapped up every last drop and moaned as I felt my cock throb hard. “I need you…I need to feel myself inside of you.”

“You know we have to hurry I have a meeting in about ten minutes.” Julian grinned and I knew I was up to the challenge.

I pulled Julian’s jeans down the rest of the way and turned him around as I pulled a condom and small bottle of lube out of my pocket. Slipping the condom down over my cock I moaned and stroked on some lube. Pushing Julian down over his desk I pushed deep inside of him and closed my eyes he felt so good. Groping for his hips I pulled him in hard and began fucking him hard and fast. Julian groaned softly. “I want you to cum for me again.” I said and moved faster and harder into him.

Again both Julian and I moaned and I felt him tighten around me and I growled as I felt my orgasm fill me and explode. “Julian!” I softly called out. “Oh, goddess, Julian!” A moment passed and Julian came again with a grunt and a moan.

I pulled back away from Julian and grabbed some tissues to clean us both up before pulling my jeans back up. I watched intently as Julian cleaned up and redressed himself and just as I was buttoning my shirt there was a knock at the door and it opened a little.

“Mr. Carstairs your clients are here.”

I shot Julian a look and then a smile. He laughed and leaned over and kissed me. “I’ll see you at home?” I nodded and excused myself from the room and headed back out to my car to do my grocery shopping.


It was five o’clock and I was expecting Julian home anytime. I stood in the kitchen and then headed for the fridge to gather the ingredients to get dinner started.  I brought the ingredients over to the counter and began readying them when I started thinking about the up coming holidays. I celebrated Thanksgiving and that was not an issue, but I didn’t celebrate Christmas and I wondered, because we had never had the religion talk, if it was going to be an issue for Julian? Being Wiccan I celebrated Yule and I hoped that it was not going to be an issue; not that I was not willing to celebrate both holidays with him because I was. As I washed the asparagus I heard the key in the lock and I heard Julian call from the door, “I’m home.”

I smiled and called to him telling him I was in the kitchen. A moment later I felt his arms snaking around me and his lips upon my neck and I leaned into him. Tilting my head back I kissed him and whispered, “how was your day?”

“It was good, yours?”

“It was exceptionally good.” I smiled and turned in his arms so that I could look into his blue eyes.

“I have been thinking about the holidays and I was wondering do you celebrate Christmas or something else? I know we haven’t had this talk and I thought I should bring it up.”

I chuckled inwardly and knew that he just knew what I was thinking and sometimes that made it easier and sometimes it just made things a little awkward but this was earlier. “I am Wiccan and I celebrate…”

I didn’t get to finish before Julian said, “Yule.” I nodded. “That works out great because I am Pagan and so I celebrate Yule too.” I just smiled and shook my head and wondered how could we be better matched for each other?

“I was nervous about talking to you about it because I didn’t know how it would go.” I finally confessed.

Julian chuckled and kissed me again and said, “Well you don’t have to worry about telling me things. You can talk to me about anything.”

I just smiled at him but didn’t say anything.

“I think I am going to take a shower then I will come help you with dinner if you want, but be forewarned I don’t cook much so I might need a lot of intensive help.”

“Okay.” I nodded and laughed as I turned away. When he left I began cutting the ends off of the asparagus. Dinner was going to be my specialty: pork schnitzel with mashed potatoes and a white wine, cream and mushroom and butter sauce and aforementioned asparagus. It was something that I learned how to make on my summer in Germany when I was sixteen and it became something that everyone requested that I make. It was my first time making it for Julian I hoped he liked it.

Twenty minutes passed and Julian returned to the kitchen. “So, what do you need help with?”

“You could pound the meat.” I said with a grin upon my face.

“You want me to do what?” Julian said with a small laugh. “I don’t cook remember?”

I laughed, “Well I could think something you could pound.” Julian blushed and I took the meat tenderizer in one hand and set the pork loin between two sheets of plastic wrap and began to pound the meat thin. Julian came up behind me and put his hands on mine helping.

“Like this?” I nodded and smiled to myself. “I think I can do that.”

Julian busied himself with the work that I had given him and I turned to get the panko and the eggs ready.

Time passed and dinner was finished and we sat down at the table. “Thank you for your help.” I said with a smile.  “I don’t often get help when cooking and it was nice to cook with you.”

“You’re welcome. I don’t often cook so,” Julian chuckled, “since you’ve been staying with me I have been eating out a lot less. It’s kind of nice.”

My phone rang as we were eating and I ignored it and a few minutes later it rang again. I sighed and pulled my phone from my pocket and excused myself from the table to take the call.

“Hello.” I answered.

“Yes, is this Mr. Franklin? This is the Maine State Prison and we are calling about Thomas James Franklin.”

“What about him?” I asked.

“We regret to inform you that he has passed away about an hour ago.”

“Oh, thank you for calling.” I said not really knowing what to say or what to feel. I loathed the man the day he killed my mother, when I was four, was the day my life was torn apart. My father never got over it and it slowly drove him insane. He was never there for me and then when I was a teen he was committed to mental hospital where he has been ever since. That man took not only my mother and my baby sister from me but my father – he took my whole family away from me and I wanted nothing to do with him.

“Are you still there Mr. Franklin?”

“Yes. Thank you for calling. I will make the arrangements.”
“There is no need for that we will have the body moved where ever you would like it.” Dropped off a cliff was not an appropriate answer I was sure but it was what I wanted to say. I turned from staring out the window at the bay and looked at Julian sitting at the table waiting for me to return. “All right I will call you in the morning when I have talked to a funeral home and we will get everything taken care of.”

How was it that the man I hated more than anything in this world was the person that I was now in charge of putting in to his final resting place? I turned back to the window and looked out. The waves crashed upon the rocks and I just didn’t know what to think or do at the moment and I did not want to burden Julian with this. It was just too much.

“Is everything all right?” I heard Julian say as I stared out the window.

I startled at his voice and I turned and looked at him. “Yes…no, not really. My grandfather is dead.”

“I am sorry to hear that.” Julian said as he reached for me and pulled me into his arms and hugged me. “If you need anything I am here for you, you know that right?”

“I do know that.” I feigned a smile and closed my eyes and took a deep breath. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He said and sat down in a chair and pulled me into his lap. Normally I loved sitting with him like this but right now I felt weird I didn’t know what to say to Julian right now. There were so many things that I had not told him about my grandfather and I didn’t know where to start and I knew he was going to ask.

“So, I get why you don’t like your grandfather…he murdered these five women.” I nodded my head and closed my eyes not wanting to talk about it but knowing I was going to have to. “What else is there?”

The psych major was coming out in him again and I briefly wondered why he didn’t go into the psych field instead of the graphic design business – however, I guessed that graphic design carried much less baggage than anything in the psych field. I sighed very deeply and leaned my head against his and said, “He murdered my mother. She was eight months pregnant with my sister when he killed her.”

“I am so sorry, Mas. Do you know why he killed her?”

“No, no one could ever get that out of him. Other than she looked a lot like the girls that he had killed. Maybe…I don’t know.”

“It’s alright, Love.”

Tears started falling from my eyes as I remembered my mother. These were not tears for the loss of the man who had died in prison today but for my mother who died some twenty five years earlier the baby sister that I never got to know and the father that now sat in a mental hospital.



Chapter 3 — You Deserve Better

The following day I woke with a sense of peace and happiness as I looked over at the sleeping figure of my lover. I smiled and then the memories came rushing back in on me and I remembered that my Grandfather just passed away and I had to deal with that. I sighed and wondered if everyone felt so heavy and alone when dealing with this kind of thing? I figured they probably did but this was a little different because I hated the man I was burying.

I pulled myself from the bed and went into the bathroom I brushed my teeth and took a shower, dressed and headed to the kitchen to make coffee and a lot of it. It was Saturday and this was not how I wanted to spend my day but I had no choice. I had a feeling before the end of the day I was either going to be spiking my coffee or just drinking straight out of a bottle.

I was sitting alone in the living room, on the couch, lost in my thoughts when Julian walked up. I didn’t hear him and almost dumped my coffee on myself. “Good morning.” I feigned a smile as Julian leaned down and kissed me.

“Good morning.” He smiled back and I knew he could tell I was faking and trying to make the best of a bad situation.

I just wanted it all to be over but I knew there was plenty that was going to have to be done.  I had no family in the area, except my father, who was in the nut house, and he wasn’t going to get out to go to his father’s funeral. Not that I was thinking he really would want to since it was his father who murdered his wife and unborn child.

Looking over to Julian who had walked to the kitchen to get some coffee I said, “have you ever planned a funeral?”

He shook his head, “no, but if you want I will go with you and help you in whatever way I can.”

“I’d like that.” I said. I got up and walked into the kitchen. “Would you like anything to eat?” Julian shook his head. “You sure?” He nodded and set his coffee down, but not before taking mine out of my hands, he pulled me into his arms and just held me.

Pulling away I said, “I think you deserve someone better, someone with less baggage, someone who is not going to drag you down with them.” I wanted to tell him I loved him but I didn’t want him to think I was just saying it because I was emotional right now. I was emotional but not so emotional that I did not know how I felt about him.

Julian looked taken aback and unsure of how to respond to my sudden unease with our relationship. It wasn’t how I really felt I did love him and I wanted to be with him but I didn’t want to drag him into my world of torment and torture.

“How can you say that?” Julian asked sounding truly hurt by my words.

“Because I don’t want you to have to deal with all of this.”

“I choose to deal with it because I love you.” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them and I just stared at him open mouthed. “Don’t you love me? I hear you in your sleep – you talk you know. I hear your dreams, I hear when you dream about me and you are talking to me about our future and how much you love me. I just figured you weren’t ready to say it and I did not want to put any pressure on you by saying it first.”

I sighed, I was cornered with the truth and I didn’t know how to reply. Tears welled in my eyes and I turned away from Julian because I could not bear to look at him and the pain in his eyes. I felt a hand on my shoulder and he turned me around and I just stared at him for a long moment. “I do love you, Julian. But you just don’t…”

“Stop. Just stop. I choose to be here with you. I love you and I am here and I will do anything I can to help you.” He took his thumb and wiped away the tears from my eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I am in for the long haul.” He smiled at me and I could not help but smile and fall into his arms.

“I love you,” I whispered against his chest.


Julian drove to the funeral home. I had called early in the morning and told them to expect his body and made arrangements to come down there at noon. Never having done this before I expected it to be much like in the movies and I wasn’t wrong. It really wasn’t hard, especially for a man like Thomas James Franklin the elder.

The funeral director showed Julian and I around and explained how things worked and we talked about arrangements. I wanted him in a cardboard box, cremated and then I didn’t care what happened to the ashes because I didn’t want them. They could go unclaimed for all I cared, and suddenly I wondered if that ever happened, if ashes ever went unclaimed. I suspected that it was rare but could happen.

Then there was the obituary, which I did not want to put in the paper but was told that I should. I sighed and went ahead and gave the man the information for the obituary. However, I wanted it clear that there would be no funeral or services and flowers and cards were not being accepted. I wanted this as simple as I could make it because I wanted it to be done and over with as soon as possible.

When we were about to leave one of the attendants interrupted and asked to speak with the director. When the director returned he apologized and said that my Grandfather’s body had arrived a little while ago and he asked if I would like to see him.  Suddenly there was a morbid curiosity coursing through me and I nodded my head.

“Are you sure?” Julian asked as he reached for my hand.

“No. But I think I should.” I said. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

“No, it’s fine I will go with you.”

I followed behind the director to the viewing room and stopped in the doorway. The place was creepy and I could sense that there was this heaviness about the room. There were a lot of people that had been in that room and I could feel all of them pressing down upon me. My breathing grew faster and I felt panicked. I felt dizzy and the room began to spin and I swooned. I was going to pass out.

“Are you okay?”

I shook my head and Julian put an arm around me and led me out of the room.

“I am sorry.” Julian said turning to the funeral director, “I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“I understand.” The director said and ushered Julian and I back to his office where we talked for a few more minutes before leaving.

When we reached the car Julian unlocked it and opened my door. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Better now, thanks. I think I just need to go home and…” a smile came over my face as I looked at Julian and I knew that he knew exactly what I was thinking. Gods I hoped the sex stayed this good all the time.


This time we made it to the bedroom before the clothes were off and on the floor. Julian pulled me into him deeply kissing me and he stepped towards me until I ran into the bed and fell back, Julian falling with me.

His hands trailed my body and I moaned at his touch, it felt so good.  I didn’t realize just how much I needed to feel him at that moment until I felt his hands on me. “I love you.” I breathed against his ear and I felt his body react to my words.

“I love you, too.” He said as his lips devoured mine again and again and I could not help the growl that escaped my lips.

I rolled him over on his back and smiled down at him, I was in control now. My smile widened as I took his hands and pushed them up above his head and pinned them down. “Now, be a good boy and stay there when I let go.”  He did as he was told and stayed there and I smiled again as I readied my cock for him. Lifting his legs and wrapping them around me I slowly pushed inside of Julian. He groaned with pleasure and I looked into his eyes and I thought to myself just how much I loved him at that very moment.



Chapter 4 — You and the Couch Fort

The house was silent when I walked in and I saw a couch cushion and blanket fort. I smiled to myself and put my things down. “I’m home.” I called and from inside the fort I heard Julian’s voice.

“I am in here. Come join me.”

I smiled again and walked over to the fort, finding the door I got down on my hands and knees and crawled in. “So what made you do this?”

“You. Now here.” Julian said handing me a coloring book and some crayons and then kissing me on the forehead. I took them and flipped through the Scooby Doo coloring book and found a picture I wanted to color and I began coloring.

There was silence again, it was a comfortable silence, and it was nice just being in Julian’s company. The last few days had been hell with dealing with my grandfather’s arrangements – and I was more than glad they were done. Now all that was left was to wait for the call that the ashes were ready for pick up. Though that bothered me too because I didn’t know what I was going to do with them I didn’t want them.

“Here.” Julian said passing over some buttered popcorn and some cocoa.” I smiled brightly at this because I wasn’t expecting it and it was such a sweet and simple gesture.

“You’ve just made my day, Love.”

Julian smiled and my heart beat faster in my chest as I watched him. He was so sexy and that smile just melted my heart. Putting down my granny smith green crayon I leaned over and kissed Julian. “Thank you.” I whispered against his lips and then kissed him again. “How did you know this was what I needed?”

“Just a hunch.” Julian laughed lightly. “You’ve been so stressed out that I thought we should let our inner five year old out for a while and this was the first thing that came to my mind.”

I smiled again and pushed him back, laying him down on the floor of the fort. I began kissing and caressing his cheek. “Make out with me like we were teenagers.”

A low guttural growl escaped Julian’s lips as he looked up at me. “As you wish my Love.”


I felt myself becoming more and more whole as the days went by and of course in my life that is always when things went bad. I just tried not to think about the negative things in my life. I had Julian in my life now and he made everything better.

I looked over to the sleeping figure of Julian and picked up a piece of paper and a crayon and began to write; something I had not done in a while.


By: Mas Franklin


Maybe I was blind to the world around me.

But you found me and made me see that there was more to me than I could see.

You loved me for me, you hold me tight when I need you and you let me free to fly when I need to be free.


You knew what I needed even when I was blind to it.

You took my hand and led the way you showed me there was a better way.

You made me want to rise and change myself to be all that I could be.

You loved me when I could not love myself and it was more than I could have asked for.


I guess what I am trying to say is thank you and that I love you.

I signed my name to the bottom folded the paper wrote Julian’s name on it and set it beside him. I didn’t want to wake him so I kissed him lightly and went into the living room where I found my book and began to read.






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